SPICE: Special People in Catholic Education

Contact: Katie Lombardi, spice@standrewparish.cc

Special People in Catholic Education, or SPICE, is a special funding program developed to address the variety of student learning needs within our parish learning community. This includes the needs of our typical, developmental and accelerated learners in our parish and school. St. Andrew SPICE recognizes that each parish child is a unique individual with different learning needs and supports serving the educational needs of these children in several different ways:

  • SPICE supports teachers, catechists and staff at St. Andrew parish and school in the philosophy that every child is special, inherent in human dignity.
  • SPICE serves as a means to raise funds and support the educational process and parish life in whatever area deemed necessary by our pastor, principal and director of religious education.
  • SPICE encourages all students with special needs to live out their Catholic faith by affirming the dignity of being created in the image and likeness of God and redeemed by the saving power of Christ.
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