Become Compliant to Volunteer at St. Andrew Parish
Contact: Mary Beasecker, 614-451-4290, ext 104, mbeasecker@standrewparish.cc

Volunteers are an invaluable group of individuals who provide a sense of community for the many parish activities at St. Andrew. To keep all of our activities safe for the youngest of our parishioners, all volunteers are asked complete the Protecting God’s Children Training Program. To become compliant, all volunteers must complete the following process:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application here.
  2. Attend a three-hour, live interactive session that details the importance of keeping our children safe through awareness and vigilance. To register for a session, visit www.virtus.org.
  3. Provide a current Bureau of Criminal Investigation criminal background report
  4. Sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct

Attend a Protecting God’s Training Session at St. Andrew

Many thanks to all parishioners and guests who attended the January 2018 session. We will schedule another session soon. For those who missed it, there are many opportunities to attend a training session in the area. To view a list of all sessions or register for a session within the Diocese of Columbus, visit www.virtus.org.

Would you like more information about keeping our children safe?

  • Click here to visit the Diocese of Columbus Protecting Our Children web page which provides a host of resources and additional information.
  • Visit www.virtus.org for education resources and material regarding keeping our children safe and much more.
  • For details regarding the Safer Environment Policy for St. Andrew Parish, click here.

Need to confide in someone? Need to communicate warning signs? Contact one of the following confidential sources:

  1. Regina Quinn (Diocese of Columbus),614-241-2565, rquinn@columbuscatholic.org
  2. Msgr. Stephan J. Moloney, 614-451-4290, ext. 101, smoloney@columbuscatholic.org
  3. Mary Beasecker, 614-451-4290, ext. 104, mbeasecker@standrewparish.cc