Census/Directory Update Form

Contact: Mary Beasecker, 451-4290, ext. 104, directoryupdates@standrewparish.cc.

We thank you for your updates! Submitting this form helps us maintain accurate database information and is also used to publish and distribute the annual St. Andrew Parish Guide & Directory. This directory provides contact information for the parishioners who choose to be listed, the general contact information for parish employees, and a description of parish organizations. The directory is provided to each registered parish family at no cost.

October 2018: Time to Update the Database (Census) and Directory

  • Please use the form below to provide any changes that may affect your current database information. If you have no changes, there is no need to complete the form.
  • All changes submitted before October 30 will be reflected in the following year’s parish directory.
  • Please note: the Parish Guide and Directory is copyright protected which means use of this directory and the information within for business purposes or for telephone, mail or email solicitations is strictly forbidden.

If you have any questions regarding the the form below, the parish database or your directory listing, contact Mary Beasecker, 614-451-4290, ext. 104 or email directoryupdates@standrewparish.cc.


(Please also provide a phone number and email address where we can contact you in case we have questions about your changes)
(This email address will be used by the Parish Office ONLY and will not be shared with any third parties. It will be published in the parish directory unless otherwise specified.)