Calling All Bakers

Baked goods are served during the Saturday Night Dinner in Nugent Parish Hall, sold at the food tent and also used as prizes at the Cake Wheel booth. We all appreciated your generosity!

Helpful facts about delivery & types of baked goods:

  • Drop off baked items in Nugent Parish Hall anytime on Friday, Aug. 16 and Saturday, Aug. 17.
  • Please leave baked goods on the tables that are set up and marked “festival baked goods.”
  • Please use disposable containers with clear disposable lids.
  • Please label your items so we know the flavor.
  • Cakes are needed for the Cake Wheel booth.
  • Cookies, brownies, bars, pies (a crowd favorite), breads and muffins are served at the Saturday Night Dinner.
  • Please, NO refrigerated items.

For more information about baking, contact the Parish Office, 614-451-4290.