Parish Office

1899 McCoy Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220

Phone: 614-451-4290
Fax: 614-451-8300

The parish office is open Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you would like to become a parishioner and live within the parish boundaries, fill out the online registration form or call the Parish Secretary at 614-451-4290.

Parish Staff

Accounting Assistant
614-451-4290, ext. 106

Business Manager
Deacon Andy Naporano
614-451-4290, ext. 102

Bryce Eck Activity Center Facility Manager
Kathy Barger

Building Superintendent
Greg Price
614-451-4290, ext. 105

Music Director
Philip Lortz

Parish Secretary
Jen Wenzke
614-451-4290, ext. 100
For bulletin submissions:

Database Coordinator
Kelly Nasdeo
614-451-4290, ext. 100

Safer Environment and Website Coordinator
Mary Beasecker
614-451-4290, ext. 104